Production and maintenance of dies

Each customer has his own needs depending on the particular final application. To meet these needs, in addition to the availability of about 150 progressive die models in our production and more than 1,000 hollow punches for punching, we are able to create the most varied blanking dies according to the geometry of the groove to meet the customer’s needs.

The smaller the thickness of the lamination, the greater the performance of the motor: we operate in a range from 0.20 mm to 0.65 mm, thus satisfying a broad range of customer needs, from the electro-medical field, with its micro motors, to the wind energy sector.

Technical specifications

We offer the possibility to choose a diameter ranging from a minimum of 25 mm to a maximum of 1,000 mm. If the customer needs a larger diameter, we are able to satisfy the custom request by providing the lamination plate.