When crossing the threshold of the Ripamonti company, you immediately get the impression of being in a traditional mechanical workshop. Its traditional stance can be clearly felt, as well as its solid experience gained since 1955.

Their know-how, flexibility and quality of the electrical steel laminations created, have made Ripamonti Tranciature S.r.l. the preferred partner for a conscious and demanding clientele.

The industrial areas of application for Ripamonti products are extremely varied: from submerged pumps to torque motors for machine tools, brush less motors, offshore motors for oil rigs, motors for electrospindles, power generators for aviation, traction motors for forklifts and for railway use, elevator, lifts and escalator winches, and wind turbines.


Do you have a particular lamination need in mind? Give us a drawing and we will create it! We strive to perfectly interpret the needs of our customers, offering cutting-edge solutions using reliable technologies.

We are self-sufficient throughout the process, from the production of equipment to the production of the finished product, only purchasing the raw materials externally (special steels for the production of electrical steel equipment and coils).

Our strengths can be summarized in punctuality, efficiency and above all flexibility, prerogatives supported by a valid logistic system as well as by the care in preserving the perfect functionality of our systems. In this regard it is important to highlight our partnership with CISA snc, established by Ripamonti at the beginning of the 80s, which deals with the construction, and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the blanking and packing equipment. Our wire EDM machines for the production of blanking equipment are active 24 hours a day, obtaining cutting profiles with millimetre tolerances.